High quality Fish Oil softgel 18/12 EE/FFA/TG

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Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids are essential and must be supplied to the body through our nourishment. The Omega 3 fatty acid "EPA" is primarily involved in the regulation of cell functions. "DHA" is predominately build into the cell membranes. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for neonatal growth and the development of a normal central nervous system.

Fish oil DHA helps to slow and stop the aging process of the brain, DHA helps maintain the health and normal development of nerve cells, enhances memory. DHA helps neurodevelopment and visual acuity.

FIsh oil EPA help create Prostaglandins in the blood, reduce atherosclerosis status, help to reduce Cholesterol in blood, preventing heart.


1. Enhance memory and improve language skills;

2. Regulation of Blood System;

3. Immune & Anti-Fatigue;

4. Protect eyesight and prevent myopia and amblyopia, restrain vision dropping and relieve eye strain;

5. Activate brain and further extend brain nerve, increase brain capacity.

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